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The color does not matter since it it is hidden beneath the fabric strips. A great source for Locker Hooking ideas and inspiration can be found in needle work and cross stitching patterns.

In the early days women sometimes substituted strips of cotton fabric for the more costly strands of wool for Locker Hooked rugs which were quite similar in appearance to traditionally hooked rugs.

They come two to a pack. There are 4 holes per inch. You can change the quantity in the shopping cart. The fabric method makes the craft much easier to hook and shows the coloring better. The heavier the material, the thinner the strips. This is a great way to reduce your stash while creating one-of-a-kind gifts.

A general knowledge of locker hooking is assumed before you start some of these these projects.

Locker Hook

Leave a 2" tail and whip stitch over it with your next strip or stitch it into the finished rows after you have stitched the design completely. This saves you a little time, but can cost more and limit your color choices. Get my favorite ruler 6x12 ruler here.

This tool looks like a crochet hook on one end to grab the fabric and pull it through the canvas. Insert your hook down through the canvas and catch the fabric. For a small project you would have 3 extra squares on each edge. When you know how to splice fabric, it helps eliminate knots.

Locker Hooking Supplies

Small Scissor Small scissors making quick work of snipping threads. The first photo shows just a few rounds while the second one shows it completed. It is not necessary to fold the fabric or hold it a special way, other than the printed side needs to be what shows when you pull the loop through the canvas.

The hooks are usually made of steel or aluminum. Cotton fabric is a great choice because it is available in unlimited colors and designs. The fabric strip you are going to be stitching with can be any length, the longer the better.

Locker Hooking

Other materials suitable for locker hooking include wool fabric can pill on the edgessilk fabric which frays moreyarn by itself or layered with fabricribbon, and even plastic strips cut from plastic bags and tablecloths great recycling opportunity.

This technique produces padded shapes that will add a whole new dimension to your projects. This one has plenty of Christmas patterns as well a basic hooking instructions. There is a wonderful instructional booklet and a DVD available with tips and techniques for the novice that will get you up to speed on Locker Hooking and you will be able to tackle any project.

Locker Hooking Supplies Locker Hooked Rugs are a wonderful companion to traditional hooked rugs. Create a beautiful rug from quilt fabric or other light-weight fabric scraps that can.

Jun 01,  · Supplies: mesh rug canvas, 60" wide- aluminum Locker Hook - skeins of yard, 6oz. acrylic yarn (I sued the softest I could find) - tapestry needle-scissors It took me 5 days (& lots of movie watching) to make this 57"x21" rug for my guest room.

Locker Hooking For Beginners – What is it?!?

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Rug hooking today typically uses strips of wool of varying width (1/32 to 1/2 of an inch) that are pulled through a stiff woven backing (burlap, linen, or rug warp) with a tool (rug hook) to form loops.

Locker Hooking Supplies Locker Hooked Rugs are a wonderful companion to traditional hooked rugs. Create a beautiful rug from quilt fabric or other light-weight fabric scraps that can be machine washed.

The instructions has all the information and photos to get you started Locker Hooking. All you need is a Locker Hook, some of your stash fabric, some rug canvas and a little fun time.

Locker Hooking Locker hook rug supplies
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