Imc differences of coca cola

As an example, here is a campaign in Korea: Coke has started its media strategy using print advertisements in Check out the video, it is really innovative and it increases consumer's engagement toward Coke's Zero community: The basic problem occurred was that previously the marketing of coke had been exclusively focusing on the concept of its originality.

Cokes uses a lot interaction with its consumers throughout PR and social media advertising. It has been observed that the main theme of the T. Its aim is to prove that nothing is impossible, so does Coke Zero which has the same taste than Coke but without calories. Coke finally scores another winner.

For example, during Ramadan, Coca Cola offers discount on the purchase of its soft drinks. It is really important for Coke to be distinguished from its competitors in supermarkets, city markets… thus, the company uses different strategies, oriented toward consumer or toward trade: A focus on new technologies and advanced theories.

Effectiveness of different media strategies Each media strategy has its own degree of effectiveness in marketing. Discounts, merchandising, free goodies, return back allowance… For example, Coke Zero has built a reversed pyramid, it was an ingenious idea for its merchandising strategy.

Open Happiness The latest advertising message of open happiness focuses on its consumers especially youth enjoying their lives and experiencing the moments of joy while consuming coke at the same time.

After the names on the cans they rolled out cans with song lyrics, and then special Christmas themed cans as well. Target Markets for Coke Coca-Cola has used the mass marketing approach to advertise its product.

Children as young as 13 years of age have a preference for coke as a soft drink. It also uses other marketing communication tools to maintain a competitive position in the global market.

Ensure that your messaging is integrated. Its advertisements are designed to address the different socio cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Still, Coke tends to be quite popular among the youth, both males and females. Media Advertising Coca cola relies heavily on advertising through T.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Portfolio for Coca Cola

The discounted prices can be offered in other cases as well apart from the special occasions. Recently companies have started using online marketing tools in the form of linking to consumers through social media such as Facebook, YouTube etc. They allow building a brand image and creating brand awareness.

With the passage of time technological developments have provided soft drink companies a variety of media tools on the basis of which they can develop their marketing strategy.

The main focus of advertising is television as it is regarded as an effective audio visual tool of communication. Media Strategy In order to compete effectively with its number one contender PepsiCo, Coca Cola heavily invests in advertising and other promotional activities for its brand.

The psychographic factors provide the necessary information to Coca Cola, on the basis of which it can develop or modify its marketing strategy. In IMC mix there are the three types of mass media: The most preferred tool of advertising for coke is T.

This was a clever move as it appealed and persuaded people to share the coke with their loved ones. The soft sell strategy is based on creating a positive image for the product in the mind of the consumers by linking it with something pleasant Carducci, The advertisements of coke developed for television are focusing on portraying a culture of fun and enjoyment.

V advertisements revolve around youth consuming coke. Therefore the target market for its products such as coke consists of people belonging to different age groups, gender, and socioeconomic position, ethnic and cultural background.

Starting from the print ads in to the television ads in coke has been portrayed as the soft drink of people in all cultures, of all age groups and socio economic statuses. Here is a very funny, social and emotional campaign that Coca Cola has implemented in several countries: This slogan carries a message that consumer should try it out to taste the new diet coke.

Retrieved on May 12, from http: Coca-Cola created a social media frenzy with this campaign. In the competition in the soft drink industry had become much fiercer than in previous years. In case of online marketing coke has started coke zone which provides the consumers a chance to score points and win coke rewards.

The Coca-Cola Company’s products consist of beverage concentrates and syrups, with the main product being the finished beverages (Coca-Cola Datamonitor, ). Coca-Cola’s products can be viewed as both business and consumer products. Learn all about Coca-Cola packaging and the company's sustainability, recovery and recycling programs.

The Coca-Cola Company owns its anchor bottler in North America, Coca-Cola Refreshments. The Coca-Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


Its stock is listed on the NYSE and is part of DJIA, S&P Index, the Russell Index and the Russell Growth Stock Index. Its current chairman and chief executive is Muhtar Kent.

May 09,  · Coca-Cola created a social media frenzy with this campaign. Because the campaign was centred around the hashtag and the idea of ‘sharing’ a coke (double entendre very clever Coca-Cola), social media platforms were their main channels.

Imc-Coca Cola Words | 8 Pages. COMMUNICATION (IMC) According to Wikipedia, integrated marketing communications (IMC) is defined as a process for managing customer relationships that drive brand value primarily through communication efforts.

IMC of Coca Cola 1. The IMC Tools used for Onkar Dhongade (MB) Manoj Bhurat (MB) 1 2.

Imc differences of coca cola
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