Counseling program

Care coordination and continued 90 day follow-up through the Marine Intercept Program for all Marines identified with suicidal ideation or attempt.

Counseling Psychology Degrees and Graduate Programs

All courses taught by Messiah's faculty - experienced counselors and nationally recognized scholars who will take time to mentor you in your education, faith and career. Evidence-based short term, non-medical counseling interventions that teach clients skills to solve everyday stressors.

Certificate in Counseling

Insurance and money are never an issue, as we serve clients from varying backgrounds and income levels. Are the counseling certification programs required to be accredited. Students wishing to receive Act 48 credit must request it by emailing the Certification Office upon completion of each course that is to be submitted for Act 48 credit.

Non-medical short term counseling interventions for Marines who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma. Growing enrollment, at all levels of education, creates a need for counselors to respond to the development and academic needs of students.

They can study from the convenience of their own home and earn a Counseling certification. We use Evidence-Based and Promising Practices to help your family feel strengthened and empowered. This program falls under the School of Behavioral Sciences. Understand and apply ethical and legal considerations specific to the practice of clinical mental health, school, and addiction counseling and professional consultation.


Candidates who achieve certification from accredited institutes have access to enhance career opportunities in the field of counseling. To get into these programs, students must at least have a high school diploma or GED.

The department also provides training in human and medical genetics for graduate students, laboratory fellows, PAs, medical students, and residents. What is it about. Yes, there are various state agencies which provide accreditation to educational programs. Grief Counseling is a three credit hour course in which students are taught how to deal and counsel people that are going through various different emotional problems and are suffering some kind of loss.

The exact coursework depends on the type of program one enrolls in. As a counselor you can also serve in social service organizations, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and detention facilities. Counselors conduct screenings, actively assess needs, provide counseling, and connect Marines and families with additional resources through referrals and direct handoffs between programs and facilities.


STARRY Counseling. STARRY Counseling services are available at no cost to families with children up to 17 years old (or youth older than the age of 17 who are still enrolled in high school in Texas).

Bereavement counseling is assistance and support to people with emotional and psychological stress after the death of a loved one. As someone who cares about young people’s future, you know how important it is to find the right path.

The online master’s in school counseling from Capella is designed to put that passion into practice. This flexible, CACREP-accredited degree program is designed to help you prepare to pursue. American Counseling Association - a professional and educational organization that is dedicated to all things counseling related.

Graduate Programs: Counseling

The Community Counseling Program (CCP) is available to provide you with short-term counseling focused on prevention and intervention to promote the well-being of Marines, Sailors and their families.

Grief Counseling CE Courses Program. The American Academy of Grief Counseling offers four online Continuing Education courses for those who have met the criteria of an earned degree, and would like to complete the requirement for additional hours of continuing education in grief counseling.

Professional Counseling

Applicants may register for any of the courses provided below.

Counseling program
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